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Incorporated in the year 2001, Don Bosco Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy Centre is a renowned Counseling Centre offering excellent Psychological Counselling and B.E.T. (Brain Equilibrium Therapy). The entity has served thousands of people from all walks of life for healing their varied psychological and emotional problems. The utmost mission of this Counseling and Psychotherapy Centre is to provide quality Psychological Treatments to help individuals, groups and families by improving their quality of life. This centre strives to reach out compassionately to serve persons in psychological distress.

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Dr Thomas Varkey SDB is having two Masters in Psychology, DMRT (Diploma in Memory Retrieval Therapy), two Honorary Doctorates and a regular PhD in Healing Science, and also Ps.D. (Doctorate in Psychology).


Dedicated & Expert Doctor

Mr Thomas Varkey is a dedicated expert doctor who holds rich experience in treating religious, priests, seminarians, laypersons, married couples, adolescents and children.


Regular Patient Follow-up

Don Bosco Psychotheraphy counselling centre is dedicated to every patient, and follow-up each patient with care.


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Personal Counselling

We have individual counselling and personal treatment sessions for those who require it.

Family Counselling

We have family counselling that helps the whole family to understand and love each other more.

B.E.T Counselling

'DON Bosco Counseling Centre' is an eminent B.E.T. (Brain Equilibrium Therapy) Clinic (Centre) in Trivandrum. 

Depression Problem

We help people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental abnormalities.

Relationship Problem

Relationships can get worse anytime. All kinds of relationship problems can be cured here.


Couple Counselling

We offer counselling for couples those who are in pain with their relationship or other things.



Don Bosco Psychotherapy Centre in Monvila, Trivandrum specializes in healing the problems of children above seven years, adolescents and youth.

Therapy Session



Satisfied Client Services

We give priority to client satisfaction

Great Patient Support

We have a great patient support team to assist

Well Experienced Doctor 

We have more than 27 years of experience in this field

Regular Patient Follow-up

We follow-up the client regularly

while in therapy.

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Psychology Patient
About Psychologist
Dr. Thomas Varkey

Dr. Thomas Varkey SDB is having two Master & in Psychology, DMRT (Diploma in Memory Retrieval Therapy), two Honorary Doctorates and a regular PhD in Healing Science, and also Ps.D. (Doctorate in Psychology). He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in B.E.T. Presently, he is the Director of B.E.T. (Brain Equilibrium Therapy Centre in & Don Bosco Trivandrum and has been practising here since 2001.  He has 27 years of experience in individual and group therapy in India and abroad.

Psychology Patient
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DonBosco Counselling Center is the best counselling centre in Trivandrum


* Individual Counselling

* Family Counselling

* Problems of Adolescents

* Problems of Children & Women

* Problems of Youth

* Psychotherapy



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